Demo Applications

These projects are larger, self-contained examples that illustrate how Firebase can be used in the real world.


A real-time collaborative text editor.


A Twitter-like app.


A full-featured, real-time chat application.

SF Live Bus

Shows the current position of every bus in San Francisco, updated in real-time.


A YouTube-like comment system that demonstrates Simple Login and Security.


A client-side photo sharing site.


A todo list app illustrating the use of server-signed tokens.

Firebase Libraries and MV* Bindings

Our libraries and official bindings for JavaScript MV* frameworks.


Add localized search and tracking to your app with our geospatial library


Bindings for AngularJS


Bindings for Ember.js


Bindings for Backbone.js


Mixin for ReactJS

Mobile Examples

Example applications built with the Firebase iOS and Android SDKs.

  • SF Live Bus

    An iOS app that shows the current position of every bus in SF, updated in real-time.

  • Firechat iOS

    A simple chat/messaging app built using the iOS SDK.

  • Android Chat

    Demonstrates using the Android SDK to back a ListView.

  • Android Drawing

    Demonstrates creating a shared drawing canvas on Android devices.

Simple JavaScript Examples

Getting started with Firebase? These short examples will give you an introduction to our most common use cases.

  • Chat
    How to write data into Firebase and read it when it changes with real-time chat
  • Collaborative Drawing
    A collaborative drawing canvas for users to draw together
  • Detecting Presence
    How to store and remove data so it can be used to indicate when users are online
  • Leaderboard
    How to limit and sort data in Firebase with a real-time score leaderboard for any game
  • Multi-Player Tetris
    Full-blown two-player Tetris built with Firebase
Code Snippets

Small snippets of code hosted as gists, for some of the most commonly performed operations while using Firebase.

Firebase Token Generators

Libraries for generating Firebase Authentication Tokens in different languages.

All code here is MIT licensed. Please feel free to reuse, fork, and send pull requests!

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